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Green Valley Builders

Green Valley Builders is the one of the oldest real estate developer in the region and has been a pioneer in creating path-breaking housing infrastructure. Green Valley Builders has refined the term ‘living’ with exciting options across a wide spectrum of home buyers. Created some of the finest residential complexes in its segment combining the best of design, aesthetics, technology and architecture.

Luxury is only a word…

until it brings the experience of a change in lifestyle.
In today’s home, there should be architecture, nature and art blend together to redefine luxury, the homes should not only have quality and elegance, but exclusivity, craftsmanship, uniqueness, state-of-the-art design and amenities. Architectural luxury homes of this nature must offer utmost privacy and exclusivity. Green Valley Residencia represents some of the most unique architectural villa floors in the vicinity, that defines the true sense of Luxury.

Luxury of 2 Side Open Villa Floors

Residencia combines stunning architecture with villa floors are open 2 side for all day natural sunlight and thorough ventilation throughout the year. An
important benefit is that theses villa floors will enhance the sense of open space to create a healthy living environment.

Luxury has a place amidst the verdant greens.

At Residencia, the focus is to create a green space that would define your lifestyle and stand the test of time. As more complexes get built around the premises, these verdant greens will always remain a distinctive feature.

Night Panaroma

Luxury has a place at ultimate

upside sanctum. Upside residences with private terrace, besides the obvious of pure enjoyment of some outdoor living and a breathtaking city skyline, terrace will serve a variety of purposes, outdoor gardens for example. Having a beautiful garden in the middle of a busy city will always be very refreshing and rejuvenating.

Luxury has a place at Elan House

The soul of the complex is undoubtedly Elan House. The Elan House at Residencia will be created to give contemporary experience by the renowned architect and leading house designer. The Elan House will be designed and placed to give the landscape more breathing space. Which means, it sits like a shining jewel amidst the crown. The Elan House will provide passive entertainment experience featuring a swimming pool, Gym, Club Room, Banquet & Rooftop sit-outs.

Multiplying healthy outdoor

Luxury of Recreation Facilities

Good life begins with healthy outdoor pursuit, Residencia will have a wide range of recreation activities for everyone, like a fitness trails, jogging tracks for the fitness enthusiast. For the young and toddlers a water play, swing , climbing frames, slide and grassy knolls. For the family, an outdoor amphitheater, grass lawns for picnic and walking tracks. For the elderly comfortable walking tracks, foot massage stones and quiet shaded seating zones. Whatever your age, Residencia recreation facilities provide the ideal answers.

Luxury has a place inside your home

Finished with imported marble, the living room is a sight to behold. Each square foot has been utilised to the maximum. A generous 10 high ceiling will improve room aesthetics enhancing the interiors. Uniquely designed balcony will provide impressive unrestricted views of the landscape within and around the complex.


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